Saleisha Scandal on ANTM Cycle 9 (Part 1)

Saleisha Scandal (Part 2):

Saleisha's Chronology:
1) ANTM Cycle 6 (on 0:50 & 1:03 mark)
2) Especially Yours Wigs Spokesmodel
3) Wendy's Commercial
4) Ugly Betty Episode
5) Tyra Banks Show (both 2006 & 2007 appearances)
6) ANTM Cycle 9 - TZone & Finale win
7) CelebTV - picks up the Saleisha Scandal

*UPDATE 01-04-07:
Elite Modeling Agency shortens contract with Saleisha:

*Make sure to check my updated Video Log for new info, and also check the links below, including my YouTube channel for more videos of this whole controversy!

A chronological history of ANTM winner Saleisha Stowers road to ANTM cycle 9 and her past relationships with ANTM host, producer, judge, and creator Tyra Banks.

*Saleisha in ANTM C6 digitized pic (0:50 & 1:03):

Extra Links:

1) Saleisha Scandal on E!Online:

2) Saleisha Audio Interview (scandal 3/4 into the interview):

3) Saleisha Confirming Past Relationship with Tyra:

4) Adrianne Curry (ANTM C1 winner) on the Saleisha Scandal:

5) Saleisha National Spokesmodel for Especially Yours Wigs:

6) Saleisha on Cycle 6 and Tyra Banks Show:

7) Saleisha Scandal on Egossip:

8) ANTM Eligibility Rules:

Also, E! News just had the Saleisha Scandal aired on TV in their channel last night! Did anyone somehow caught that on their DVR can send me a link so I can YouTube it and give you credit, thanks!

- Scandaleisha

P.S. my other 2 previous clips:

Saleisha on Ugly Betty:

Saleisha on Tyra Show (2nd appearance):
Channel: Scandaleisha

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