Top 10 Movies That Depict Mental Illness

Top 10 Movies That Depict Mental Illness

Mental illness can be a tough subject to deal with or accurately depict in film, but some cinematic works have better and more accurate depictions of mental health disorders than others. Whether they’re showing a character with depression, paranoia, phobias, or schizophrenia, these films about mental illness not only made their character’s mental health disorder central to the plot but they did so in a tasteful or nuanced way. In this list, WatchMojo counts down the top 10 films that depict mental illness.

List rank and entries:
#10: The Deer Hunter
#9: Lars and the Real Girl
#8: Benny & Joon
#7: Shine
#6: Melancholia
#5: Girl, Interrupted
#4: Black Swan
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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For this list, we’ve assembled a collection of movies in which mental illness is central to the plot and which show it in a nuanced way.

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